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Book Releases and Quail Chicks!

It’s been a little while since the last blog as everything has been very quiet!

The good news is that: ‘Charlie Ant 3: Scrambled Eggs and Chicken’ is now in the process of printing and will be available very shortly:)

The manuscripts for the two to follow ‘Charlie Ant 4: Ant Prison’ and ‘Charlie Ant 5: George and Max’ have been approved and I’m just awaiting the illustrations!

In the meantime my daughters Shiloh and Lois have introduced two guinea pigs to the family (Thumper and Bambi) who adore spinach leaves (yuk) and Shiloh’s pet hamster called Bean who we hardly see, but Milo has expressed his desire to gobble up if he gets the chance:((

We also decided that the bottom half of the budgie aviary was a bit empty so we bought twelve quail eggs of which only three have survived:(

Actually we did have four but one of the girls was holding one and it jumped out of her hand onto the garage floor, within a second Milo had gobbled it up!!!! He can move at the speed of light when he’s hungry, that’s why we don’t let him anywhere near Bean the hamster, but the guinea pigs are far too big for him to eat! He gets on well with the piggies so we can leave him to play with them:)

The Quail chicks are so cute and if you listen carefully you can hear the quietest of ‘cheeps’ coming from them. They have to stay in the brooder for about 8 weeks before they can live in the aviary with the budgies and I may have to think about supplying them with umbrellas as budgies do poo a lot:))

I’ll see how it goes............

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