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It’s been a fascinating few weeks receiving so many entries for the Charlie Ant Character Competition, it is also very surprising just how vivid a child’s imagination really is! When left to their own devices, children can come up with truly amazing characters and wonderful descriptions of the character they have created.

We must have received drawings of just about every species of creature that has ever lived in any garden, and also some that you really wouldn’t want in your garden or anywhere else!

We have had a mix of cheerful moles, friendly ladybirds, one eyed squirrels, three legged frogs as well as aliens, robots, rainbow snails, colourful caterpillars, worms with secret legs and chocolate eating rabbits! It is a great shame that there is only one winner in this competition, but to us the children who have sent their entries in are all winners, and should be very proud of themselves!

For the past 2 years we have been pouring well deserved praise to our wonderful NHS staff who have worked tirelessly to combat these dreadful viruses, but we must also give our fantastic school teachers equal praise for their continued efforts to keep our children happy and positive during these awful times.....and believe me, from what we have seen, our children remain full of hope and happiness, which is a joy in itself.

Our competition ends tomorrow and picking a winner will be a very difficult task, Britain certainly does have talent as well as Eire, who have sent some truly amazing entries to us! At this moment in time we have no idea just who will win or what sort of friend Charlie and Sam will meet in a future story, but we can guarantee that it will be a very interesting and delightful character that all children will enjoy reading about, and one child will be able to say ‘I invented that character’ :)

But for now......we have a table piled high with entries which Gino (the cat) has been trying to throw on the floor for Milo (the dog) to chomp, our printer has run out of ink and somehow we still have to pick the winner, which we hope to do within the next few days?

In the meantime, thank you all so much for your participation and......let’s be careful out there!

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