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Budgies have Famous Visit!

Saturday 2nd December:

The budgies and I were surprised by a visit from Doctor Xand who is well known from the ‘Operation Ouch’ TV program on CBBC.

Xand came with his camera people to shoot a video about budgies?

Apparently the Royal Household has a huge aviary holdin

g around 100 budgies which our late Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second introduced many years ago?

I was asked if I had any fairly ‘tame’ budgies that would be comfortable sitting in Xand’s hand while he recorded part of the episode here in my garden. After chatting to my budgies not one of them raised their wing to volunteer and they all seemed totally disinterested about becoming a tv personality, so I had a dilemma!

I decided that the recent arrivals may just be up for the job, so I chose one white and one yellow baby budgie so that Xand could choose which one he wanted to use.

Both of the baby budgies hadn’t quite learned the technique of flying yet so I was confident that Xand wouldn’t have too much trouble with holding onto to them as he spoke to the camera.

All went well and the white budgie (which we named Snowflake) sat calmly in Xand’s hand as he did the filming, although by the time it finished Snowflake the budgie did leave a small present on Xand that he had to wash off afterwards.......

The film crew left after an hour or so to continue their journey to Windsor to film the rest of the episode, which pleased Snowflake as he was able to return to his favourite spot in the aviary and eat.

Apparently the program goes out on Channel 5 early 2024 so I’ll update you all as soon as I get the exact date. I’m not too sure that I can teach Snowflake how to sign his autograph by then though?

Apart from that, my latest book ‘Charlie Ant 5: George and Max’ is now at the printing stage and should be released within the next few weeks.....

Charlie and Sam have a very exciting but scary time in this story, so it’s well worth reading to find out just how Charlie can escape from Max the Dog’s mouth with just Sam to help him?

In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas and an amazing New Year :)

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