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Read all about the children's book, the Charlie Ant Series below:

there's plenty more to come!

Charlie Ant:
The Cake

Charlie and his best friend, Sam, are adventurous and love being outside the colony. This is eventually where the troubles begin!
They love the queen ant and try their best to do everything she asks of them. Their worst fear is to be made to walk on six legs like the rest of the colony.

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Charlie Ant 2.png

Charlie Ant 2:
The Wizard Ant

Charlie Ant is desperate. His best friend, Sam, has just fallen into a tray of curry and chips! He needs to find a way to rescue Sam before he drowns…but what can he do?

Sam is shocked when Charlie returns to help as he looks completely different!

There is no choice but to ask The Wizard Ant for help…but he is really scary!

Charlie Ant 3: Scrambled Eggs and Chicken

Charlie and Sam are given a very important job to do by the Queen Ant and she must always be obeyed. They must figure out a way to complete the task without having to work too hard.

When the job is completed, Charlie and Sam feel very hungry and go in search of food, this is where the trouble really begins and they find themselves in an extremely dangerous situation!

To make matters even worse, the wizard ant is then sent to find them, and he is really angry about having his time wasted by two banana head ants...

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Charlie Ant 4:
Ant Prison


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Charlie Ant 6:
Ant School



Charlie Ant 5:
George and Max


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