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New books, characters and budgies!!

The most frustrating thing about being an author is awaiting the publication of the books you have written! Generally this process takes about a year to complete, and from my point of view it’s a very frustrating time, as all we want is to see our books out there and on the shelves.

I am very pleased as I have three books in process at the moment, the first one to be published will be ‘Charlie Ant 3: Scrambled Eggs and Chicken’ which I really was very happy with and after ‘testing it out’ on my three children I’m confident that it will be enjoyed by many others!

The one to follow that is called ‘Charlie Ant 4: Ant Prison’ and to be honest, this one is really funny and my children loved it.

The third one ‘Charlie Ant 5: George and Max’ is the first to introduce two completely new characters into the series! George is a little boy who lives in the house where Charlie and Sam have their colony and Max is his scruffy pet dog! In this story both Charlie and Sam get into a very sticky situation.

Writing children’s stories really is very enjoyable, and introducing new characters can sometimes be challenging, but I’ve tried to introduce all types of characters that children can relate to in my future books, most of these characters have their own sense of humour and hopefully children will love them? Look out for Colin the seagull, Slowcoach the tortoise and Spider (you may guess what he is).

But, getting away from books for a moment......I have Milo the dog, Gino D’Campo the cat and now our latest additions are 10 budgies which Shiloh absolutely adores! They all have a name, although I can’t remember all of them, but I know there’s Kim Kardashian, Mr Tumble and Tie Dye.......that’s all I can remember!!

Anyway, Milo and Gino are completely fascinated by the point of sitting around the aviary for most of each day? Gino is desperately trying to catch one but doesn’t realise that they are behind a wire mesh which he can’t jump through, and Milo thinks that barking as they fly actually scares them? Of course the budgies ignore both of them and go about their own business as usual, much to the annoyance of both the cat and the dog!

I’m now thinking that....if I want to go on holiday, who on earth will look after this lot? I may have made a huge mistake? Oh well, who wants to go on holiday anyway!

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