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My Birthday and the children!

I wonder how many people think that being an author is a life filled with fame and fortune? Well, if you thought that, you’d be far away from what it’s really like

Maybe if you were J.K. would be laying on some tropical beach being served cocktails by a waiter while you watched the soft rippling tide of the Caribbean Sea, but J.K.Rowling is the exception to the rule, and she’s worked very hard to be where she is now! In my world, I have to get the children off to school first, pop into Sainsbury’s to get them dinner

for the evening, pick up all their clothes from the day before and get them washed, clear up the house and walk the dog, collect them from school and cook their dinner! Now, that's the reality!

So most authors live a very ordinary but busy life!

I can’t even imagine how Shakespeare lived his life while writing those amazing ‘works of art’? I would think that he was sitting in a little candlelit cold room with his quill pen, wondering where his next meal was coming from? I doubt very much if he even went anywhere near the Caribbean Sea?

Anyway, enough of that rubbish, it was my birthday on the 10th and my children all hand-made me a card to celebrate. I have always told them that they must never mention my real age as I just hate growing old, like everyone else I guess?

The best age I achieved from my daughter Shiloh was 24yrs old. It’s very competitive with my kids, they think that if they put my age as the ‘youngest’, they suddenly become Daddy’s favourite :)

When you have three children they all want to know from their parents ‘which of them is the favourite’ and of course, there really can never be a favourite, can there? Although, when I am on my own with each of them, I always tell the one I’m with that ‘they are my favourite’. Trouble is, when they get back home, they tell the other two that they have been told ‘they are the favourite one’......the other two then tell that child, ‘well he told ME that yesterday’ ??

Of course I then have to explain that they are ALL my favourites, just to keep them happy!

I’m just glad that my dog Milo can't talk.........

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